While there’s precious little data on cannabis employment in general, MJBizDaily faithfully provides an annual survey of industry professionals, the results of which currently show women to be less represented than men in the cannabis industry and pathetically outnumbered in executive roles, the latter having fallen 36.8% from 2019. Today women only account for only 23% of cannabis executives. 

“As you can see from the data in the report, it is a male-dominated industry,” said Pam Moore, chief content officer at MJBizDaily. 

“There’s a lot of just flat-out sexism in the industry, as there is in the world,” Moore added. “Cannabis isn’t any different than anywhere else, but its casual and entrepreneurial nature, I think, makes it easier for those things to come out.” 

As with everything, there are exceptions and Ngiste Abebe is one of them, on various levels. For starters, she is VP of Public Policy at Columbia Care (OTCQX: CCHWF) where she focuses …

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