Rick Steves is typically known for his travel expertise, but since 2012, he has also been a vocal proponent for adult use cannabis legalization.

The host of "Rick Steves' Europe" considers himself to be a different type of spokesperson — as opposed to, say, Snoop Dog or Tommy Chong — who can take the fear out of cannabis.

"I realized I've got something to offer because I'm a businessman, I'm a leader in my church and I'm not a counterculture kind of person," Steves told Benzinga.

Bringing what he considers a European sensibility to the discussion, Steves believes harm reduction is the way, not incarceration.

Steves pointed towards the ill effects of opioids and the ongoing drug war, from disproportionate arrest rates to the cost of policing, all playing a factor.

"I think it just makes more sense to take the crime out of the equation and talk about it in terms of education and health," he said.

Smarter Laws

Steves first began stumping for …

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