It is safe to say that the cannabis industry would not have progressed as much as it has if it were not for the people who believed in it. Cannabis advocates, lobbyists, growers, operators, consumers and researchers have consistently played a crucial role in the space. Nevertheless, without capital, the industry wouldn’t have advanced to where it is today.

One of the people who was bold enough to jump in and support the industry from the very beginning when skepticism and stigma surrounded the space, was Emily Paxhia. Along with her brother Morgan Paxhia, she launched the longest-running, cannabis investment fund, Poseidon Asset Management. They believed so fervently in the power of the plant and the industry’s potential that they invested everything they had to get the company up and running.

In 2013, Paxhia was having a hard time finding service providers, from banks to lawyers and administrators. The biggest challenge was raising money for the fund. A decade later, Poseidon has two running funds that are closed to new investors, and a third one that is accepting applications.

Paxhia is bringing her vast industry expertise to the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference as a featured speaker this coming April …

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