Interview by Javier Hasse. Article by Franca Quarneti via El Planteo.

Manu Terrones Godoy is KManuS88, one of the YouTubers of the moment: with more than 830,000 subscribers on the platform and an average of 100,000 views per video, he is dedicated to explaining the complex world of finance and playing NFT video games.

Within the framework of the “Unified” blockchain festival, KManus88 spoke exclusively with El Planteo about cryptocurrencies, video games, viral videos, and, of course, cannabis.

Between panels of experts and playful moments with arcades, the 33-year-old Argentine said that one of the things he likes most about the crypto world is the opportunities it offers.

“It opens up a world of opportunities not only economically and financially. It also gives ordinary people the possibility to invest, so that they can belong to projects that in the traditional financial world they could not,” he explained.

And he continued: "With cryptocurrencies you are independent and you can own any company."

How To Avoid Falling For Crypto Scams

Unfortunately, in recent times, the universe of cryptocurrencies has been shaken by various news reporting user scams and pyramid schemes.

For this reason, Manu gave his insight on this subject: "It is very common that when something becomes a trend, a lot of malicious projects or scams also appear, with the sole aim of raising money and leaving."

But don't despair: the specialized YouTuber has some tips that can help identify scams in the crypto world.

“The best way to protect yourself from a scam is to ask yourself ‘Who is doing it?’ If the creators do not show their faces, then you have to doubt.

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