This article was originally published on NisonCo, and appears here with permission.

One of the great things about cannabis is that it brings people together. Whether it’s making new friends or helping maintain existing relationships, cannabis can be a social lubricant, helping people feel more comfortable in social settings.

For those who enjoy using in a group setting, one of the most popular ways to do so is through a smoke session, or “sesh,” with your friends gathered together sharing a joint, glass piece or vape, telling stories and cracking jokes.

It’s vitally important, however, to make sure the stories keep being told and the jokes don’t stop during your sesh. Whether you’re new to smoking or need a reminder in time for the 4/20 cannabis holiday, make sure to familiarize yourself with these proper smoke sesh etiquette tips before joining in! Do so and you’ll be a rotation favorite in no time.

Group Cannabis Etiquette: 11 Tips

Always Corner The Bowl

If you’re the lucky one to get the first hit off of a fresh bowl, make sure you burn from the corner of the bowl. This helps ensure everyone can get a fresh hit.

Don’t Eat And Toke

Don’t take a bite out of your burger and then hit the piece in rotation. No one wants to have a taste of what …

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