This article was originally published on Weedmaps, and appears here with permission.

The modern cannabis market is an exciting place of wild products, soaring THC percentages, and futuristic gadgets. However, lost in all this glitz and glam is the fact that weed is, after all, just a flower you can grow yourself. 

While it's simple to pop a seed in the ground and watch it sprout, growing high-quality cannabis can be difficult for a novice. Aside from factors like space to grow, access to sufficient light, and start-up costs, the plant itself is complex, finicky, and prone to pests like spider mites and powder mold. 

Thankfully, there's a slew of brands, boxes, systems and tents that take the need for a big yard and a botany degree out of cultivating one of nature's most incredible gifts. 

With most of the world stuck at home, trying their hand at everything from bread baking to Tik Tok dances, there's never been a better (or financially relevant) time to learn how to grow your own weed. 

Whether your thumb is green or yet to be determined, we've rounded up a handful of growing systems to suit any situation, budget, and skill level. If you have to stay home for the foreseeable future, you might as well grow some weed. Here's a couple starter systems to get you on your way. 

The Armoire

Discreet, classy, and reminiscent of its namesake, the Armoire is a perfect choice for the novice enthusiast looking for an easy and compact way to grow their own flower. 

To say it's low maintenance would be an understatement, as the Armoire needs little more than to be plugged in, planted, and watered. With a 90-day concierge service, you'll be guided through any questions or concerns, leading to many of their customers reporting yields of over a quarter pound in as little as 60—90 days.

The Armoire comes with everything you need to grow except the water, soil, and seed — …

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