Kurt Vonnegut, who would be 100 years old today, never liked the name Veterans Day. He preferred to call it Armistice Day, which marked the end of WWI, a day of peace when an armistice preceded a peace treaty…"a moment," Vonnegut wrote, "when armies stop killing each another."

President Woodrow Wilson created Armistice Day in 1919 after WWI, though it was changed in 1945 to Veterans Day after the end of WWII, part of which, by the way, Vonnegut spent as a Nazi prisoner of war in Dresden. 

And Veterans Day Now?

US troops who have served in numerous wars and conflicts face crises of unequaled proportions, including a soaring suicide rate of at least 22 per day, homelessness, lack of employment, lack of medical care, out-of-control opioid use and the difficult challenges of transitioning out of the military.

The suicide rate among veterans is …

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