Phil Mendelson (D), chairman of the Council of the District of Columbia, introduced a new bill that would legalize and regulate the sales of recreational cannabis in the city. What makes this piece of legislation unique is the proposal to create a new reparations fund that would allow for payments of up to $80,000 to those who were previously arrested, convicted or in jail for cannabis-related offenses, writes dcist.

 “We’ve improved [the bill],” said Mendelson on Tuesday. “I think the document should be out there for the public to look at. We want to be ready if and when the [ban] is lifted.”

Direct Cash Payments

The idea to establish this fund and offer payments to those who were negatively affected by the War on Drugs is an attempt to repair the damages prohibition laws have caused. Hence the fund will be called 'Reparations for Victims of the War on Cannabis Fund' and would use as much as 40% of all tax revenue from adult-use cannabis sales in the coming 10 years. From those funds, it would offer payments of between $5,000 and $80,000 to those who …

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