Awakn’s First Study On Novel S-Ketamine Formulation To Assess Dissociative Effect

Psychedelics biotech Awakn Life Sciences Corp. (OTCQB: AWKNF) has begun an investigative study on the dissociative effect of a proprietary and patent-pending formulation of (S)-ketamine, as well as an optimized administration route to support the new drug’s commercialization.

The new study’s cohort will include harmful drinkers, who will be administered a dose of (S)-ketamine through a novel oral thin film formulation. 

After dosing, researchers will evaluate the dissociative effect through participants’ alcohol cravings, as well as mechanistic factors including electroencephalographic (EEG) markers of increased neuroplasticity.

Should results be positive, the partners would potentially sign a global licensing agreement for the Phase 1 study data of the patent-pending oral thin film (S)-ketamine formulation. This, in turn, would take Awakn to move forward to a larger Phase 2b study, as well as to hold global exclusivity rights on the thin film formulation in the treatment of all addictions.

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