Kansas And Arkansas: One Step Forward, One Step Back?

While in Kansas the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee held a first hearing on a medical marijuana legalization bill introduced in February, the Delta-8 ban moves forward in Arkansas legislature.

Arkansas Senator Tyler Dees (R) filed legislation, SB 358 that would regulate delta-8 THC products. The bill, co-sponsored by senators Justin Boyd (R) and four other lawmakers, would "prohibit the growth, processing, sale, transfer, or possession of industrial hemp that contains certain delta tetrahydrocannabinol substances,” reported journalist Daniel Breen for NPR.

Cannabis In Alabama

Melissa Mullins, founder of the advocacy group Alabamians for Medical Cannabis Freedom, stated that their group has included five requests in their list of priorities for the 2023 legislative session, in order to “improve the cannabis industry in the state,” reported wbrc.com.

The group is asking for a review of the testing procedures, and removal of the 75-milligram dosage. The group believes that physicians …

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