In this article series, dubbed “The Cannabis Migration Saga,” we focus on big executives coming from mainstream industries into the cannabis space.

LeafLink, a wholesale management platform that connects cannabis brands and retailers, recently appointed Artie Minson as its president and chief operating officer. Minson is the latest in a long list of high-level corporate executives migrating from mainstream industries to the cannabis space: prior to joining LeafLink, Minson served as co-CEO, president, COO and CFO of WeWork (NYSE: WE), CFO of Time Warner Cable, and COO and CFO of AOL.

Minson brings deep leadership experience in scaling technology-enabled and subscription-based businesses in regulated industries, as well as taking them public. In fact, in recent years, he has been sought out to advise countless technology companies on how they can efficiently grow and scale their operations while keeping a close eye on their bottom line and smartly managing their resources.

While he is not the first tech professional to make the transition into cannabis, it is fair to ask why did Artie Minson decide to take the leap from traditional corporate America to the marijuana space?

As Minson explains, it’s not about “disruption,” although he is no stranger to that – he’s been both an operator and investor in disruptive companies in a variety of industries, from education (Flatiron School), and childcare (TwoBirds) to accounting (Trullion), to name a few. For Minson, this is all about the opportunity to use technology to help build the cannabis industry “from the ground up.”

Tangible Benefits

Minson, who was not looking to run into the cannabis industry, understands now that the space can deliver tangible social, economic and medicinal benefits. He is convinced that, in the future, both states and cannabis operators will require “excellent technology providers” to make sure “the market runs safely and efficiently.”

“I thought LeafLink was sort of uniquely able to do that,” Minson says.

But there’s more to this industry, he adds. “There's definitely a greater good in legalization and there is a greater good in the role that LeafLink was going to be able to play in that.”

Efficiency And Competitiveness

Minson has extensive experience in conducting corporate due diligence and is convinced that, in this new capacity, he will be able to contribute to raising the efficiency and competitiveness of the industry. Like many …

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