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Traveling can be considered one the most exciting things to do in the world as it incorporates the freshness of a new place with the feel of vacation or at least not working.  As people who smoke cannabis and like to travel, we are always very aware of the cannabis laws enforced in any country we go to for a visit. If you enjoy smoking cannabis and don't want to end up in prison during your holiday, I suggest you read on to learn about the ten countries where the laws on the use and possession of marijuana are more strict. Here are the ten countries where cannabis is seriously prohibited.


In Singapore, the trafficking, use, and or possession of cannabis is punished with the death penalty by hanging ( I shouldn't have to say, but there has never been a pardoned case so far).


In this country, possession and use of cannabis and other drugs are punishable by 50 lashes and about 20 years in prison. Substance trafficking is punishable by the death penalty. In the case of foreigners, you will get deported after the sentence has been served.


Indonesia has one of the highest number of visitors in the world in the world. Regardless, the nation does not distinguish between citizens and tourists in such matters. Sentencing for drug possession range from 4 to 20 years in prison and can get as serious as the death penalty in some instances.


In the UAE, the prison convictions range from 4 years to an inconsequential life sentence for possession of drugs. Some cases that include trafficking could lead to a sentence of death by decapitation.


The Philippines, quite a beautiful country, I must add, is no friend of marijuana. The drug trafficking penalties range from two extremes (life imprisonment to execution). Selling about …

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