As South Dakotans prepare to head to the polls this fall and vote on recreational marijuana, two Sioux Falls officials expressed concerns during a press conference on Monday regarding the plant's legal status, reported  Dakota News Now.

Mayor Paul TenHaken pointed to three "myths" coming from cannabis activists behind Measure 27, an initiative to the list of ballot questions for the November 2022 election.

First, TenHaken strongly disagreed that the state's prisons are full of people with cannabis convictions. He contends that crime rates would not drop if marijuana was legal, but rather the contrary.

"The absolute opposite happens, and I share that because the data supports that," TenHaken said, citing results from a Los Angeles Times investigation conducted by Paige St. John. The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter revealed that rural parts of California are flooded with illegal marijuana farms.

TenHaken noted that the black market is flourishing even in places where marijuana is legalized.

"Why would you, as …

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