Two measures seeking to strike down South Dakota's 'pop-up clinics' for medicinal cannabis were killed this week by members of the state Senate committee, reported mykxlg.

Even though both GOP-led HB 1172 and 1129 made their way through the House of Representatives earlier this month, they were rejected on 4-1 votes on Wednesday by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee members.

Sponsored by Rep. Fred Deutsch, the two bills would have banned ads for medical cannabis that would guarantee a card and telehealth appointments or financial incentives to make an appointment. Those violating the law would not be allowed to certify medical cannabis cards for up to six months.

"Pop-up clinics," Deutsch told House members earlier this month, "are a creation of the marijuana industry. They weren't part of the initiated measure. They're not currently part of the law. Doctors are hired by pop-up clinics and, in some cases, flown into South Dakota."

While Deutsch's measures aimed to regulate further the state's medical marijuana, …

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