By Lucía Tedesco via El Planteo.

The Colombian Ambassador to Mexico, Moises Ninco Daza, supported the statements on marijuana made by Susana Gomez Castaño (better known as Susana Boreal), a member of the House of Representatives for Antioquia. At a round table for the regulation of cannabis for adult use led by congressman Alejandro Ocampo, she stated that she is a daily user of the plant.

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Of course, the messages of acceptance and hate did not take long to arrive and "marihuanera" (or pothead, in English) became a trend on Twitter because of it.

Colombia's Ambassador Defends Marijuana Use

The big surprise came from Colombia's ambassador to Mexico.

"I am also a regular cannabis user. As bad as it may be for those who normalized bombing children and stigmatized smoking a joint. Decriminalization and regulation are fundamental parts of the change in drug policy. A priority task …

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