Healthcare worker and model Danielle Lupo has been working in the healthcare field for almost 10 years now.

These days, the former Playboy bunny — now a Psychology PhD candidate — is a coach and mentor for children and adults of all ages. And she is a fan of cannabis and CBD.

“I definitely have a deep appreciation for the impact cannabis has made in the medical realm,” Lupo told Benzinga. “My autistic brother takes medical marijuana, and as for my tutoring/mentoring service, I definitely recommend medical cannabis and CBD oil to my stressed out and anxious peers.”

Empathy In Therapy

“I have always been a strong advocate of incorporating medical marijuana use to patients' treatment plans,” Lupo explained. “It is definitely a more natural and healthier option, versus prescription medication.”

The model has seen the effects of cannabis firsthand many times. She’s seen it help people with stress management, anxiety, high blood pressure, OCD, ASD, depression, eating disorders and insomnia.

“The diverse range of people with whom I …

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