“I just fell in love with weed, the texture. Now I like to learn more about it and when to use it, how to feel relaxed when smoking it,” says rapper DeMario DeWayne White Jr., better known as Moneybagg Yo. Despite this renewed interest in cannabis, DeMario has been consuming marijuana since he was a teenager – even though he obviously recognizes the perils of using pot at a young age.

“Before I perform or before I do interviews, I don't smoke weed, I like to stay focused. But when I record, it's a must-have. So I feel like it just is all-around,” he adds.

“I feel like you need to have discipline, everybody needs discipline. But I feel like you also have to smoke weed, bro; it's a part of life. I feel like there aren't a lot of dangers associated with smoking weed; it's all about how you do it. For instance, I didn't smoke before this interview, I don't smoke before I do shows, I like to be fully focused on the work I do. I smoke when I'm in a studio and I want to think, I want to create or I want to relax. I know how to use cannabis.”

NFT Stands For New Found Trust

Moneybagg recently partnered with Trufflez Inc., a vertically integrated cannabis company that’s very focused on customer loyalty and user experiences, and droppLabs,a holistic Web3 solutions provider. Together, they launched the TrufflezNFT, a project that uses NFTs to register and fractionalize the intellectual property rights inherent to the trademarks and copyrights of new proprietary cannabis strains.

In layman’s terms, what this means is that people can partner with a fully licensed cannabis company through the purchase of a non-fungible token. In addition, the NFT carries a suite of additional benefits like discounts, access to exclusive products, profit sharing, private events and more.

The artist decided to jump into the cannabis NFT world after meeting Leo Hairapetian, CEO and co-founder of Trufflez. “We bonded tight,” the rapper says. “Leo was always telling me stuff that I didn’t know much about, so it just made it interesting.”

In fact, Moneybagg had partnered up with a couple more people prior to Trufflez. “I thought it was cool at the moment. But then, when I got with Trufflez, Leo and all the staff, I felt at home, I felt like, ‘this is where I belong.’ It just didn't feel like anything else. I fell in …

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