While psychedelics are still listed as Schedule I substances making them illegal under federal law, companies across North America are preparing to address patients’ needs in the hopefully upcoming psychedelics-assisted therapies (PAT) scenario.

Ketamine Treatment Center Opens In Missoula, MT

The Harvest Psychedelic Treatment & Wholeness Center is Missoula’s new wellness clinic offering ketamine-assisted therapy (KAP) through oral or intramuscular administration.

Ketamine, commonly referred to as a psychedelic although a Schedule III substance is legal and therefore used as an effective treatment for mental health conditions including anxiety, PTSD, OCD and addiction in an increasing number of clinics.

Importantly, while it may hold side effects such as nausea, dizziness and changes in sensory perceptions or hallucinations, no reports of addiction after ketamine treatment have been reported. 

The Harvest model involves preparation, KAP and integration therapy sessions. Patients are invited to work with a team of licensed medical and therapeutic professionals to create a customized treatment plan to address their individual needs and set goals in order to take full advantage of the neuroplasticity obtained from the psychedelic journeys. 

Co-founders Peterson and Burke explained that ketamine administration is not meant to be indefinite and that by combining it with therapy plus other healing modalities, such as reiki, art healing sessions, massage therapy, yoga and breathwork, they aim to help patients find a new path for their lives.

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