Psychedelics Take Center Stage In Davos

Psychedelics will lead the conversation inside the Davos House of Health for a second year in a row this January.

The event is running parallel to the World Economic Forum.

This year's opening session, titled “Wisdom Health: Consciousness Leadership,” will be led by the Swiss non–profit’s founder, Álvaro Guirao, and emerging inner designer Astrid Brinck.

Organized by U.S. non-profit Energia Foundation, the event will bring together the leading global human health innovators and the world’s most prominent stakeholders in the field. Continue reading here.

Prince Harry Opens Up About Cocaine, Magic Mushrooms And Weed

In his new autobiography entitled "Spare," Prince Harry shared how he ended up talking to a toilet and laughing with a garbage can after taking drugs.

The son of King Charles III said that at the age of 31 he consumed psychedelics, and recalled a night where a toilet turned into a head with an open mouth that said "AAAAHH." 

When Harry stepped on the pedal of the basket and the lid opened, the basket looked like a big smile, which made him laugh, he says, according to excerpts published by The Sun.

Harry's behavior never went unnoticed by the critical eye of the media. On several occasions, he was photographed inebriated in London, and even once naked in Las Vegas. Such events were not ignored by the crown. In 2002, on the 50th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Harry was questioned for the use of illegal drugs, because in the UK mushrooms and cocaine are "Class A" drugs, whose penalty for possession is seven years. Continue reading here.

Why Gwyneth …

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