Elon Musk Joins Twitter Conversation Around Psychedelics: A Debate On Empathy

Elon Musk continues touting the benefits of psychedelics, from his live interview at CodeCon2021 to his most recent tweets endorsing those working towards developing these substances for better therapeutic effects and even revisiting his own experience with them.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)’s CEO aligned with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman who said on Sunday in a Twitter thread that “a lot of crazy stories start with too many amphetamines and end with not enough psychedelics,” which triggered a response from Musk.

“Amphetamines negatively affect empathy, psychedelics do the opposite,” said Twitter’s new owner and CEO. While the comment might not be surprising in view of his previous remarks in favor of psychedelics, it is meaningful as it draws attention to a somewhat overlooked topic.

Psychedelic experiences have been linked to increases in emotional empathy. Studies found that psilocybin increased empathy and creativity after a trip and further on for up to seven days while LSD acutely reduced fear recognition and enhanced emotional empathy and sociality.

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Congress: New Bipartisan Psychedelics Caucus And ‘Breakthrough Therapies Act’ Introduced 

Psychedelics have made it to Capitol Hill with the creation of a Congressional Psychedelics Advancing Clinical Treatments (PACT) Caucus. 

Led by Representatives Lou Correa (D-CA) and Jack Bergman (R-MI), the caucus will consist of bipartisan members of Congress committed to “addressing ways to alleviate the national mental health crisis through psychedelic science and research.” 

The caucus will not promote or offer recommendations on decriminalization or legalization measures but rather lead the congressional talks on psychedelics as potential therapeutics as well as establish itself as a public educational resource.

The caucus recognizes federal agencies, including those under the National Institutes of Health (NIH), have already put funding toward exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics and intends to support those efforts while promoting the generation of “enough safety and efficacy (clinical) data” for the FDA and DEA to decide on the future of PAT.

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Thursday was also an important day for psychedelics on Capitol Hill as Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Rand Paul (R-KY) jointly filed a bill requesting the DEA move psychedelic “breakthrough therapies” like psilocybin and MDMA from Schedule I to Schedule II, as reported Marijuana Moment. 

The two measures are closely aligned, as the Senate bill demands removing research barriers for controlled substances, which includes psychedelics, while the caucus was created to promote the advancement of new treatments derived from these substances.

Booker and Paul's legislation proposes to amend the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) in such a way that current and future drugs designated as “breakthrough therapies” by the FDA, or qualify for a waiver under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and be moved to …

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