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The Marijuana Stock List – Pot Stocks With Actual Pot

Below are charts for the companies I follow. Disclosure, unless otherwise stated, I own shares of the companies listed below.  These companies are only listed if they or their subsidiary are directly involved in growing, harvesting, processing and/or selling of cannabis or cannabinoids products. Companies listed here are listed in alphabetical order.


ADVT – Advantis Corp.

Through their subsidiary (Natural Elements), they sell their Amster-Can cannabis product. Per their website, this proprietary packaging preserves cannabis for up to five years.

AXIM – AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc.

Sells CanChew gum through its fully owned subsidiary CanChew Biotechnologies. Disclosure:  I do not own shares of this company.

CBDS – Cannabis Sativa, Inc.

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. Is own of the first publicly traded cannabis patent pertaining to marijuana. US Patent #9095554. Cannabis Sativa, subsidiaries also include Wild Earth Naturals and Hi Brands International. 

CVSI – CV Sciences, Inc.

Formerly Cannavest (CANV), CV Sciences produces PlusCBD Oil. They also produce liquid CBD for vapes.

ENDO – Omnicanna Health Solutions, Inc.

Omnicanna operates the Hempery, an online personal care store that manufactures personal care products made with hemp. Disclosure:  I do not own shares of this company.

ETST – Earth Science Tech, Inc.

Earth Science Tech, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on nutraceuticals, bioceuticals and supplements. They currently offer a line of High Grade CBD Oil from their website. Disclosure: I do not own shares of this company.

GWPH – GW Pharmaceuticals

Maker of Sativex, the first natural cannabis plant extract to get licensing in any country. Disclosure: I do not own shares of this company

KAYS – Kaya Holdings, Inc.

Kaya Holdings, Inc. Operates two marijuana dispensaries and a grow operation in Oregon. They also have a proprietary strain Kaya Kush.

KGET – CaliPharms, Inc.

Formerly Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. KGET has changed it’s name to CaliPhamrs, Inc. On 2/7/2016, they announced completion of their first acquisition, an outdoor marijuana grow in California.

MDCL – Medicine Man Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Denver Colorado, Medicine Man Technologies operates a storefront dispensary (both recreational and medical sales. MDCL also provides various consulting services for the marijuana industry.

MYHI – Mountain High Acquisitions Corp.

Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. is a diversified holdings company focused on the hemp and CBD nutraceutical sectors. Their wholly owned subsidiary GreenLife BotaniX, Inc. markets and develops Hemp and CBD nutraceutical products. Disclosure: I do not own shares of this company.

MJNA – Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Makes and sells RSHO™ hemp oil and hemp vape products. One of the longer running marijuana stocks, MJNA has been around since 2009. Disclosure: I do not own shares of this company.

TRTC – Terra Tech Corp.

Terra Tech Corp. Operates 5 dispensaries under the brandname Blüm. Two dispensaries are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Two in Reno, Nevada and one dispensary located in Oakland, California. TRTC also has their IVXX line of cannabis flowers and concentrates.

UBQU – Ubiquitech Software Corp.

Who knew that software corporations sold CBD products? Well Ubiquitech does. Through their Hemp Life website, They sell a range of CBD products. CBD vape oils, crumbles, salves, concentrates and tinctures.


Disclosure: I am long on the stocks listed above, unless otherwise stated. I wrote this article myself and have not received any compensation from the companies above. I have no business relationship with the stocks listed above.