Other “Pot” Stocks

Below is a list of all the other “pot” stocks. If I’ve placed a stock here, I have not found any solid proof that the companies listed below have any physically tangible cannabis based products that one could easily go and purchase.

A company will be listed here if they provide an ancillary product or service that does does not directly involve growing, harvesting, processing, and or selling of cannabis or cannabinoids products.

Examples of why a company will be listed here. The company:

  • makes vapes or bongs.
  • leases land/facilities to growers.
  • provides consulting services.
  • provides financial services.
  • sells cultivation supplies.

“Marijuana” Stocks listed here may also be in a research and development mode or have products in the “pipeline”.

Companies listed here may also market their technology through third party affiliate companies that are not directly owned. At the end of the day companies listed here do not directly produce a tangible cannabis product you could go buy right now.

Disclosure: I do not own any stocks listed this page unless otherwise stated. 

All quotes displayed may be delayed. 

ACAN- AmeriCann, Inc.

ACAN 1,69 -0,05 -2,87%
Americann, Inc. designs, builds and owns cultivation and processing facilities for the production of medical cannabis. Projects include: Denver Medical Cannabis Center, Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Center and the Illinois Medical Cannabis Center. Per their website, AmeriCann does not cultivate, process, distribute or sell cannabis. Disclosure: I own shares of this stock

AMMJ- American Cannabis Company

AMMJ 1,12 +0,17 +17,77%
American Cannabis Company provides ancillary services in the scope of design, branding, operational, regulatory, cultivation, extraction and retail consulting.

BUDZ – Weed, Inc.

BUDZ 1,06 0,00 0,00%
Weed, Inc. is a cultivation company. However, per their website they are in the planning stages. DISCLAIMER: WEED Inc. has not built to date any Agricultural or Cultivation Centers. This will require substantial funding that WEED Inc. is in the process of raising.

CANN – General Cannabis Corp.

CANN 1,63 -0,10 -5,78%
General Cannabis Corp. provides services in the scope of consulting, capital and security. They also provide commercial real estate to cannabis businesses.

CGRW- Cannagrow Holdings

CGRW 0,99 -0,04 -3,88%
Cannagrow Holdings provides consulting services in the space of leasing, development, management and staffing in the cannabis industry.

CNAB – United Cannabis Corp.

CNAB 0,97 -0,08 -7,21%
United Cannabis Corp’s business states that they, “own distinct intellectual property relating to the legalized growth, production, manufacture, marketing, management, utilization and distribution of medical and recreational marijuana and marijuana infused products.” However, it appears as these products are licensed through affiliates. While affiliate partners good, wholly owned subsidiaries are best. It appears that affiliates of CNAB are responsible for producing cannabinoid products and that CNAB is not directly responsible for growing, harvesting, processing or sales of cannabis or CBD products.

GRNH – GreenGro Technologies

GRNH 0,05 -0,00 -7,61%
GreenGro Technologies provides ancillary services to the cannabis industry in the space of cultivation technologies and financial services.

GRWC – GrowGeneration Corp.

GRWC 0,06 -0,01 -10,77%
GrowGenerations Corp. provides ancillary services to the cannabis industry in the space of cultivation equipment.

IIRP – Innovative Industrial Properties

Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote IIRP this time.
First publicly traded cannabis stock on the NYSE. Provides space to tenants in the medical and recreational cannabis industry

KUSH – Kush Bottles, Inc.

Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote KUSH this time.
Provides packing solutions for the cannabis industry

MCIG – mCig, Inc.

MCIG 0,20 -0,01 -2,56%
Provides ancillary products and distribution services for cannabis related products.

MNTR – Mentor Capital Inc.

MNTR 0,95 0,00 0,00%
Mentor Capital Inc. is a cannabis oriented public market fund. Their portfolio includes cannabis businesses.

MSRT – MassRoots, Inc.

MSRT 0,39 -0,03 -6,02%
MassRoots is the Facebook of marijuana. Announced plan to purchase Whaxy, an online menu and ordering system for dispensaries.

NCAP – Northsight Capital, Inc.

NCAP 0,07 0,00 0,00%
Northsight Capital, Inc. provides a marketing and advertising platform for cannabis businesses. “NCAP does not handle, grow, sell or dispense marijuana or related products. It sells advertising. ”

PHOT – GrowLife, Inc.

PHOT 0,01 -0,00 -6,08%
Growlife, Inc. provides ancillary services in the cannabis industry in the space of grow equipment and nutrients, books etc. They do not directly grow, harvest, process or sell cannabis or cannabinoids products.

PNPL – Pineapple Express, Inc.

PNPL 1,10 +0,15 +15,79%
Provides consulting services to marijuana industry. Owns THC.com as well as the registered trademark THC.

SRNA – Surna

SRNA 0,12 +0,00 +1,71%
Surna develops, designs and installs cultivation for controlled environment agriculture (Indoor grows).

TAUG – Tauriga Sciences, Inc.

TAUG 0,00 0,00 0,00%
Tauriga Sciences, Inc. is a life sciences company who’s mission is “…to acquire and build a diversified portfolio of medical technology assets that is capital efficient and of significant value to the shareholders…” The only cannabis related product on their website is a topical CBD based pain relief called “roll leaf”. However, this product is not currently available to purchase.

Disclosure: I wrote this article myself and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationships with the companies who’s stock is listed above. I do not own any shares of the stocks listed above.