Silo Wellness (OTCQB: SILFF) aims to establish a psilocybin center retreat in the New Frontier Ranch in Jackson County seems closer to becoming a reality.

November is the month in which two parallel processes are taking place. On the one hand, many local ballots included the possibility to "opt-out" of Measure 109's psilocybin service centers proposal. Jackson County voters finally decided to allow for the facilities to be created in its territory.

On the other hand, interested parties are discussing the local implementation of the statewide measure’s proposed regulations for the soon-to-be centers offering psychedelic medicine in several public hearings.

Silo's founder and CEO and Oregon attorney Mike Arnold took the lead after what apparently was a unanimous intent to ban rural psilocybin service centers on behalf of Jackson County's land planning commission, and obtained favorable results so far. That is, Silo won concessions from the commission by presenting amendments to the group’s proposed land use ordinance that would allow for rural retreat centers. 

As of Thursday, Nov. 10, and after two public hearings, the commission voted 4 to 1 for the company’s recommendations. "This is a minor victory for Silo Wellness and for potential patients across the nation. …

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