Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed a GOP-led bill seeking to prevent people from the burden of a criminal record for a simple marijuana paraphernalia arrest into law on Tuesday, reported Signal Cleveland.

Senate Bill 288, a large-scale criminal justice legislation from Sen. Nathan Manning (R), contains marijuana-specific provisions under which misdemeanor cannabis paraphernalia possession cases would not need to be disclosed "in response to any inquiries about the person's criminal record."

Legislation that had previously advanced through the Ohio legislature in December will maintain that cannabis possession is considered a minor misdemeanor offense.

The measure also allows county/local prosecutors to apply for expungements to vacate minor misdemeanor drug offenses.

The new law will take effect in roughly three months.

"The adoption of this law will make it so that tens of thousands of Ohioans are no longer stigmatized and disenfranchised by the collateral consequences resulting from a minor marijuana violation," Jax James, NORML's State Policy Manager, said. "People should not have their lives derailed for behaviors that …

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