NOXX Cannabis has reported having a year of remarkable growth. 

In the world of cannabis, competition among retailers is growing rapidly and making success difficult. NOXX, however, is making a name for itself in Michigan despite heavy competition. 

NOXX’s strategy is simple but effective — focus on branding and creating a brand that fully embraces and uplifts cannabis culture. Despite having a cultivation license, NOXX decided to focus on what it does best — branding. In addition to creating its own in-house brand, NOXX carries a plethora of cannabis brands in its retail shops and, as a result, has one of the largest assortments of brands in the state. Its strategy certainly seems to be helping the company grow.

In August, NOXX was backed by Altmore Capital, which invested $15 million in the company to use for operational growth and future expansion. Altmore Capital is a specialty finance …

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