From Growers To Dispensaries, Delays Affect The Entire Supply Chain:

Thousands of pounds of weed, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, are ready to sell at dispensaries after the state began issuing cultivation licenses to more than 200 farms last spring. However, instead of being shipped to retail stores, the weed is simply hoarded.

Although state regulators had planned for cannabis retail stores to open by the end of 2022, the gray market is up and running, while legal dispensaries have yet to open in New York.

If farmers don't get their crops into stores soon, their nearly billion-dollar revenue will eventually start to rot.

In the meantime, farmers must figure out how to store it indefinitely, making sure the cannabis remains as fresh as possible while also keeping it safe from theft or possible contamination, reported Bloomberg.

“It’s an unclear path to market. We’ve been told again and again that dispensaries will open before the end of the year. I’ve acted as though that’s our single source of proof, so we’re prepared for that," said Melany Dobson, chief executive officer of Hudson Cannabis, a 520-acre farm about two hours north of New York City. “We’re not packaging or processing flower yet,” Melany added, referring to the raw portion of the plant that can be wielded into products, like dried, smokable cannabis. “We’re trying to retain as much quality as possible. And rushing it into the finished product bags is not the way to do that.”

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