New York Governor Kathy Hochul delivered her 2023 state of the state address last week announcing her plans for improving the Empire State. Shortly thereafter, some of them were criticized.

Among those who are unhappy with one at least one of the Governor's proposals is the tobacco industry, which takes issue with her suggestion to ban flavored tobacco. It represents a double standard, the cigarette industry says, in that Hochul did not mention banning flavored marijuana products, writes New York Post.

The governor obviously had her reasons: “These actions are projected to reduce the number of young people smoking cigarettes by 9%, prevent 22,000 youths from becoming adult smokers, and prevent premature deaths caused by smoking,” Hochul said. New York is one of the strictest in the nation when it comes to tobacco smoking, starting with the state's Clean Indoor Air Act.

While the state forbids the sale of flavored vaping products, Housing Works, the  non-profit that became New York’s first retail cannabis shop in NYC, is adverting various flavored THC products.

“Blaming flavored tobacco as a vehicle for underage smoking while promoting flavored cannabis is bizarre and contradictory, and will only impact the lives of retail employees who …

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