A new report released by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) provided a detailed overview of the limitations of President Joe Biden's mass cannabis pardon. It referred to recent state and federal marijuana reform actions.

“While some observers consider President Biden’s grant of clemency to represent a significant change in federal marijuana policy, as a legal matter it did little to alter the growing disparity between federal and state marijuana regulation,” CRS said before detailing its limitations, that also noted, “marijuana regulation is one area where the gap between federal and state controlled substance laws is particularly salient.”

As Marijuana Moment reported, federal prohibition has been mitigated by a congressional spending bill that places restrictions on the use of federal funds for cannabis enforcement, as well as the prosecutorial discretion that has been exercised.

President’s Clemency Action: Key Limitations

Biden is not able to pardon people with cannabis convictions at the state level, where more marijuana cases are prosecuted. Biden encouraged governors to take steps to provide relief to those individuals, but …

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