Artist remixer, DJ and Liquid Culture Records founder Nutritious has dropped a full-length album, "Divinity," under his new label, a community of artists and creators dedicated to preserving and furthering the psychedelic experience.

Each song on the album — “First Trip,” “Azzies,” “Midnight Muscaria,” and “Tree Frog,” to name a few — is dedicated to a specific, unique entheogenic experience. The cover art was designed by popular multimedia artist Emily Eizen.

“The purpose of 'Divinity' is to push forward the awareness that entheogens are more than just healing medicines,” shares Nutritious. “They exist to help us reclaim our connection to the divine — to our cosmic, infinite, supernatural, g-dlike nature.”

Fan favorite “Ket” is the second song on "Divinity," and channels the experience of astral travel provided by dissociative anesthetics like its namesake. “The looping baritone vocal is inner consciousness calling on itself to travel deeper and deeper into this …

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