The legendary non-profit’s private arm, MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC), announced that Frontiers in Psychiatry has published its first functional neuroimaging study evaluating how MDMA-assisted therapy works in people with PTSD.

The MAPS study aimed at assessing how MDMA may help the therapeutic process by measuring brain activity and functional connectivity between key regions in the brain thought to involve PTSD in both veterans and first responders, before and two months after treatment.

Results show that changes in functional connectivity between these brain regions were related to a reduction in PTSD severity after treatment with the psychedelic.

Additionally, the study revealed a trend suggesting a strengthening of the resting state functional connectivity between the amygdala -the brain’s fear center– and the hippocampus, two regions that become dysregulated in PTSD.

"These data add to our understanding of the biological …

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