Over 65% of Marylanders chose to legalize recreational cannabis in the November midterms. Starting in July, adults over 21 will be allowed to legally possess up to an ounce-and-a-half of marijuana and 10 grams of cannabis concentrates.

Lawmakers are now expected to set up a regulatory framework for the new and emerging market, as the state General Assembly is scheduled to return to Annapolis for its 90-day session later this week.

To that end, researchers at Cannabis Public Policy Consulting conducted a study to examine what the demand for cannabis looks like, reported WYPR.

Michael Sofis, director of research at the firm, and Mackenzie Slade shared the results during last week’s briefing with lawmakers working on a marijuana legalization issue.

Based on their findings, Sofis predicted a robust retail market, as Marylanders who use marijuana tend to consume an average of  25.4 grams on a monthly basis. This is nearly five grams more than users in other states where recreational cannabis use is legal, according to the study, which included thousands of Marylands.

Moreover, according to the survey, cannabis …

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