Optimi Health (OTCQX: OPTHF) has released an operational update on its planned year of commercialization, including the launch of psychedelics catalog.

Optimi is licensed by Health Canada as a producer and supplier of natural GMP psilocybin and synthetic psychedelic substances.

Beginning in 2022’s first quarter, the company's initiative is oriented to scaling revenue generation through market demand of natural psychedelics and functional mushrooms as well as synthetic psychedelic substances.

The general landscape for psychedelics-assisted therapy is definitely on track to becoming a real market, considering that the Biden administration recently issued a letter admitting that FDA approval of psychedelics is expected within 24 months. A recent meeting held between Canadian Health Minister Carolyn Bennet and members of the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board also adds hope to psychedelics becoming approved medicines soon.

Optimi's Commercial …

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