The Beckley Foundation and its founder and long-time psychedelics researcher Amanda Feilding announced a new research program involving a pioneering study with King's College London and UCL on the effects of full dose LSD as well as a breakthrough study with the University of Basel on microdosing LSD for Alzheimer’s disease.

The first study will assess the brain changes that take place during the mystical experience -that is, a profound sense of connection or unity that can occur following ingestion of high doses of psychedelic compounds and which is proving to be associated with the benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy.

The new research, developed by Feilding and neuroimaging experts from King’s College London and UCL, seeks to expand understanding of the neurobiology of consciousness. 

To that end, researchers will use the latest neuroimaging technology to scan the brain with a substantially high degree of detail, expecting to reveal the subtle changes in brain states when existential and transformational insights take place. 

The second study is a collaboration between Feilding and physicians at the University of Basel –the city in which Albert Hofmann first synthesized LSD. This study will examine the therapeutic potential of microdosing LSD for the treatment of apathy and depression in patients …

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