Lexaria Bioscience Corp.’s (NASDAQ: LEXX) (NASDAQ: LEXXW) diabetes animal model study DIAB-A22-1 has been completed and produced at least three positive outcomes including weight loss in obese diabetic-conditioned animals, together with improved triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Reduced Body Weight

Beginning just four days after the start of dosing with DehydraTECH-CBD, the obese rats began to lose weight. The weight loss was maximized nine days after dosing and maintained throughout the 8-week study duration. This apparent trend demonstrated roughly a 7% loss of body weight throughout the course of treatment at both DehydraTECH-CBD doses studied (30 mg/Kg and 100 mg/Kg). Only the DehydraTECH-CBD-dosed animals weighed less at the end of the study than at the beginning, whereas the weight of the untreated obese animals trended upwards throughout the study. The lean untreated animals gained the most weight of all to actually become obese by the end of the study. Food and water intake was comparable in both the treated and untreated obese animal groups suggesting that the weight …

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