Legislators in seven U.S. states are introducing psychedelics bills as they seek to emulate measures that have been approved in Oregon and Colorado

From state-regulated psychedelic therapy programs to the legalization of Schedule I substances, the spectrum is broad. We can only hope that they will bring a good dose of debate to the table.

Illinois: The CURE Act 

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Specialized cannabis and psychedelics lawyer Joshua Kappel told Benzinga that the fact that the bill came from the legislature itself and thus holds more details on several matters than bills proposed through the initiative process could bring about a slower process since different interest groups get involved.

He says the way the act defines “compassionate use” of natural entheogens does not necessarily mean it is a non-medical model as both ways can often overlap: “The key piece here is that no diagnosis is required – which is necessary when people are using psychedelics for wellness, as in the case of the responsible adult who microdoses to break their reliance on alcohol or in the case of a veteran seeking psychedelic-assisted therapy outside the confines of federal law.” 

Virginia: Psilocybin Services And Drug Rescheduling

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