U.S. President Joe Biden may be lukewarm on the issue of federal cannabis legalization, but voters in several states will have the chance to vote for legalization in the November 8th midterm election. 

These states include Maryland, where residents will have the opportunity to vote on the constitutional amendment House Bill 1. The bill will legalize possession of up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower, and 12 grams of cannabis concentrates if approved. The bill does not include rules and regulations for a legal cannabis market. 

Following a long campaign by Legal Missouri 2022, voters in the Show-Me-State will be able to vote on an initiative that will legalize the possession, purchase, consumption, and cultivation of cannabis for adults over 21 years old. 

Other states that are set to vote on adult-use cannabis legalization initiatives include North Dakota and Arkansas. In addition, voters in South Dakota will receive another chance to cast a vote for legalization after the state’s Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling that nullified voter approval of a legalization initiative passed in the 2020 election. 

There are also some local initiatives up for a vote in legal marijuana states, including one in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that will determine if the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries can be transitioned into recreational marijuana dispensaries.  

Some Democratic candidates have urged President Biden to push for federal cannabis legalization in the months leading up to the Midterms. These include …

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