Legal ketamine-assisted therapy for people with diagnosed mental health conditions continues to expand throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

Numinus Wellness Inc. (OTCQX: NUMIF) announced the opening of a second Canada-based clinic in a week offering several therapy modalities for the treatment of disorders such as depression, addiction, trauma and anxiety to accommodate to different client needs and financial means.

The new Montreal-based facility will replace an existing clinic and provide expanded ketamine-assisted treatments, including several therapy options such as Spravato, intramuscular administration, lozenge and nasal spray combined with different treatment lengths and session types. 

In addition to Numinus’ current six-week ketamine-assisted therapy program, the new services will include the option to access ketamine as a standalone treatment for clients to complement prior ketamine-assisted therapy, use as an emergency antidepressant, or use in conjunction with external therapy. 

Separately, the company will continue …

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