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Here’s an icebreaker for your next office Zoom party: Sex, cannabis, or rock and roll?

I know what my answer would be—sex on cannabis. Apparently, I’m hardly in the minority in terms of thinking how well the two pair.

Goldleaf recently teamed up once more with Sophie Saint Thomas, one of our amazing collaborators on The Intimacy Journal, to conduct a survey about how people integrate cannabis into their intimate lives. We surveyed 200 sexually-active cannabis users, encompassing a wide variety of sexualities, gender identities, and sexual proclivities, to find out people’s preferences when using cannabis in intimate situations.

How we use cannabis with sex - Intimacy Study Results - Goldleaf

Choice of Intake Methods

Why We Use Cannabis with Sex Study - Intake Method - Goldleaf

Do you remember the days when most of us had only four options when we wished to enjoy cannabis, those being joints, blunts, pipes, and bongs?

It seems like many of us do remember those days quite fondly, as smoking cannabis was found to be the most reported intake method; 34% of respondents listed it as their favorite way to consume cannabis in sexual settings.

Edibles weren’t far behind. 25% of respondents said that ingesting cannabis-infused drinks and food gets them in the mood.

Vaping is also highly popular in this respect. 19% of those surveyed reported that it was their ideal way …

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