Iowa's state cannabis regulator dismissed a suggestion on Monday to expand the product type available under the state's medical marijuana program and chastised a company for its attempts to skirt the stringent cannabis rules in place, reported The Des Moines Register.

What Happened?

A petition from Bud and Mary's, which operates as the only medical marijuana product manufacturer in Iowa, sought to add "vaporizable flower" to the list of approved medical cannabis products.

However, the state's Medical Cannabidiol Board rejected the push to provide Iowans with a more affordable product option, which marks the second time the state oversight board decided to squash the initiative.

Experts argued that studies presented by Bud & Mary's lacked evidence to support the medical benefits of vaporized flower products, adding that smokable products are harmful to overall users' health, especially younger patients.

The board stated in last week's report that approval of Bud & Mary's product would be "a substantial shift …

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