The graph reviews the attractiveness of the top 14 MSO stocks for which analyst estimates are available for 2023 EBITDA.


In ranking stocks, investors need to balance low multiples with relative safety. Stocks that trade at attractive multiples sometimes do so because they present higher credit risk. 

The orange line on the graph shows each company's Viridian Capital Advisors credit ranking from 1 to 14 (measured on the right axis), with higher numbers indicating better credit quality according to the Viridian Capital Advisors Credit Tracker Model. For example, Green Thumb (GTII: CSE) ranks 14, indicating that our model ranks it as the best credit in the group.

The blue line ranks the company's EV/ Consensus 2023 EBITDA from 1-14 (measured on the right axis), with higher numbers indicating lower (more attractive) valuation multiples. Green Thumb has a rank of 4, suggesting that it is the 4th highest valuation multiple out of the 14.

The …

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