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42% of all US states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana
* 21 states (including the District of Columbia) permit recreational cannabis for adults 21+
    * 37 states approve of medical marijuana
        * 11 of these states permit CBD oils and small amounts of THC
    * 2 states do not approve CBD or marijuana use at all
* The nation is warming up to the idea of legal cannabis
    * 59% support medical and recreational use
    * 30% support medical use only
    * 10% do not support legalization
44% of Americans live in states with access to legal recreational marijuana
Marijuana Legalizations By State
* Legend
    * X: Recreational legal
    * Y: Medical legal
    * Z: Not legal (does not include CBD)
Alabama: Y    Hawaii: Y    Massachusetts: X    New Mexico: X    South Dakota: Y
Alaska: X    Idaho: Z
* No form of cannabis is legal    Michigan: X    New York: X    Tennessee: Z
Arizona: X    Illinois: X    Minnesota: Y    North Carolina: Z    Texas: Z
Arkansas: Y    Indiana: Z    Mississippi: Y    North Dakota: Y    Utah: Y
California: X    Iowa: Z    Missouri: X    Ohio: Y    Vermont: X
Colorado: X    Kansas: Z    Montana: X    Oklahoma: Y    Virginia: X
Connecticut: X    Kentucky: Z    Nebraska: Z
* No form of cannabis is legal    Oregon: X    Washington: X
Delaware: Y    Louisiana: Y    Nevada: X    Pennsylvania: Y    West Virginia: Y
Florida: Y    Maine: X    New Hampshire: Y    Rhode Island: X    Wisconsin: Z
Georgia: Z    Maryland: X    New Jersey: X    South Carolina: Z    Wyoming: Z
Although hemp-based CBD is legal at the federal level, legislation surrounding this in the states is more complex
CBD Legalization By State
* Legend
    * …

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