By Franca Quarneti via El Planteo

Gustavo Petro, who recently took office as president of Colombia, made his first speech before the United Nations (UN) and denounced the failure of the war on drugs.

"I come from one of the most beautiful countries on earth," he said. "There, in the mountains and valleys of all the greens, not only do the abundant waters flow down but also the torrents of blood. I come from a country of bloody beauty. It is not only beautiful but there is also violence there."

"Who is responsible for breaking the spell with terror?" questioned Petro, addressing consumer countries.

Save The Amazon Rainforest

Thus, accusing developed countries of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the exploitation of its natural resources, Gustavo Petro, who assumed the presidency of Colombia last August 7, declared: "My country does not …

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