This article was originally published on The Fresh Toast and appears here with permission.

However you do it, have a great time with your friends and remember it is all about being together with those you chose this Thanksgiving.

Friendsgiving season is officially upon us. The trend first surfaced in the mid-2000s when people began reimagining a traditional meal without family but with friends. What’s a Friendsgiving feast these days without some marijuana?

Unlike the family events that require you to “forget something in your car” with your favorite cousin, at Friendsgiving (in states where cannabis is recreationally legal), you can celebrate freely with your friends. Here are some tips.

Infuse Your Feast

Introducing weed to your meal is easy, since so much of the flavor (and THC) is fat-soluble, the butter-heavy meal is a great way to infuse cannabis if you want a group experience.

While infused butter is an easy go-to for guests to make any dish 420 friendly, you might want to consider exempting main courses due to people overindulging. You can do a smaller version so people can do a taste test. And new innovations like the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser truly puts on a show with a futuristic 360 degree gravity system and tray cloche that adds a cooled, flavorful smoke to anything from gravy to some drumsticks.

The easiest option is the dessert course. If you really want to think outside of the …

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