By Madison Fiore

There are hundreds of cannabis conferences and events out there, taking place throughout the year and across the country. You know you should be going to at least a few of them but the cost of tickets and travel adds up – not to mention the time away from work, tight budgets and a pandemic that is still very real. Besides, what would you get out of it?

A lot, it turns out.

As Founder and CEO of MATTIO+FIORE, a cannabis-focused paid media and performance marketing agency, I’ve attended and spoken at my fair share of industry events throughout my career. Every single one offered me something valuable, whether it was an idea, a new perspective, a business contact or a new client. 

During the pandemic, many conference organizers cancelled their events, and those that happened looked different. New technologies and platforms were created for the sole purpose of preserving the magic of in-person events, enabling organizers to host their conferences online, but it simply wasn’t the same.

Virtual events in the prime of COVID were necessary to keep the cannabis industry moving in the right direction –  but now that the world has reopened, I’m prioritizing in-person events. Here’s why.

There I was in October 2021 at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Times Square, sitting beside some of my colleagues discussing brand building and marketing in front of a large audience. After wrapping up the session with some Q&A, I hopped off the stage and ran into Rosie Mattio, cannabis PR queen and Founder & CEO of MATTIO Communications, one of the longest running and largest PR and marketing firms in the cannabis space. We had met at other events in the past and took a few minutes to catch up. During our chat, I spoke about the opportunities for a paid …

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