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Similar to asking a flight attendant for a glass of alcohol, purchasing cannabis can be awkward when you don't know how to ask for the right amount for your purposes. If you've managed to reach adulthood unscathed by social anxiety, feel free to skip this article and make your way to a licensed dispensary where a budtender can walk you through the rest.

If not, know that an eighth of weed is the most common amount consumers purchase. Why? Cannabis brands, dispensaries, and delivery services all measure dried flower in grams and ounces. An eighth is simply shorthand for an eighth of an ounce, or 3.5 grams, of weed.

What is a gram and how much is it exactly?

A gram, sometimes colloquially referred to as a dime bag or dub, is the smallest measurement of dried flower. How much weed you need is entirely dependent on how much weed you plan on consuming per day, but for the purposes of rolling one sizable joint, 1 gram is plenty. 

Depending on the density of the nugs, a gram of weed can range in size from a walnut to a kumquat. So, if someone tries to sell you a gram of weed the size of a tiny organic blueberry, ask them to pull out a scale and weigh it again.

An eighth is simply shorthand for an eighth of an ounce, or 3.5 grams, of weed.
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How much is an eighth in comparison to a gram?

Go to any dispensary and you'll see rows and rows of jars of weed with an eighth in them. But how much is an eighth, exactly? As mentioned above, the term eighth refers to an eighth of an ounce or 3.5 grams. Those savvy with measurements (and Google) know that one-eighth of an ounce is actually 3.543603875 grams. 

In more practical terms, an eighth of weed can provide you with three full-gram joints and one half-gram joint or seven smaller, half-gram joints. With an eighth of weed, you'll be able to roll two to three blunts or a handful of spliffs. You can make a potent batch of cannabutter or pack at least half a dozen bowls. The weed math possibilities are practically endless.

Whether you're shopping in Los Angeles, downtown Denver, or the wilds of Maine the average price of an eighth of weed can range anywhere from $30 to $70. To find the most cost-effective weed for your needs, compare dispensary menus and shop around. Or, since you're already here at Weedmaps, you can simply browse our sales page to find deals in your area

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