By Hernán Panessi via El Planteo

This article was originally published in October 2022.

The fragile boundaries of the psyche are delineated by a thin dotted line. We are comfortable with the known, but quiver with apprehension when it comes to the unknown. Horror films are notorious for evoking intense physical and psychological reactions.

In fact, many times they become a vehicle to experience flashes, also, they are synthesized as a lysergic capsule that makes what explodes on the screen vibrate in the body.

For this reason, sometimes, due to its introspective side, it is advisable not to smoke a joint to watch certain films of the horror genre. The warning, here, is due to bad trips: attention, be careful, be careful. With this image, the unfading presence of psychoactive states that, sometimes, are pleasant, and that other times, if the context does not accompany it, are a real downfall.

The recesses of a fear nest in the head and factor 420 do not always become a special ally. So, with this list designed especially for El Planteo, various experts in the field rummage through the depths of their video libraries to warn us about these dark films.

In short, films to avoid if you've smoked marijuana. Trances should be skipped if one was sensitively predisposed and does not want to cross the threshold of the shadows toward that striking but not always nice "other side" of the mind.

From now on, everything is at your own risk.

Axel Kuschevatzky, Oscar-winning Screenwriter, Journalist, And Producer: The Trip & Blue Sunshine

Moreover, experts would not recommend to anyone who has taken any illegal substance to watch The Trip, by Roger Corman. Because it is a film of a type that, precisely, people who consume any substance could have a 'bad trip'.


In a second instance, Blue Sunshine is about the delayed effects of a hallucinogenic substance in the 60s. Which, years later, people start to get bald and start killing other people. That's also a bit of an awkward movie to watch for anyone who has experienced or tried to evade our reality through banned substances.


Canela Rodríguez Fontao And Mariana Zárate, From La Monstrua Cinéfaga: Subconscious Cruelty, Guinea Pig & Lamb

In the first instance, without a doubt, Subconscious Cruelty, from 1999, by the Canadian Karim Hussain.

It is a film/essay about pleasure and enjoyment in the suffering of a human being. The human and his two cerebral hemispheres are in eternal conflict: on the one hand, logic; and, on the other hand, momentum. The images are disjointed, deeply eschatological, and strong. Everything we describe may seem ideal to flash it on the couch and think for a while, but NO!
Chances are, Hussain's film will leave you shivering in a fetal position, understanding absolutely nothing of what you saw and, at …

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