“It’s a love-hate relationship. Any grower can relate to that,” says Jorel Decker, founder of the successful nu-metal group Hollywood Undead when asked about cannabis. “Sometimes you can't sleep at night because you're not sure if you closed a valve on your irrigation and you're worried about a flood.”

As one can induce, Jorel has been a dedicated cannabis grower for years. When he started back in 2013 there wasn’t much information about growing and people were not willing to share information or show off their grow operations and techniques.

“That happened with my close friends as well. It was a very dog-eat-dog industry. It is still like that but it was crazy back then, there was a lot of trial and error with nobody to rely on but yourself,” he says. “I probably should have quit so many times over the years because of the grief it brought me. It became an unhealthy obsession and consumed my thoughts 24/7.”

However, Jorel did not quit. Instead, he turned the obsession into a business: Ramshead Cannabis.

“I've wanted to launch a cannabis brand since I started growing almost 10 years ago. Every time I got close, everything would fall apart. It's been such a rough journey and I'm surprised that I am still in the game,” he confesses. After working with so many partners and operating facilities in different places – one of them even burned down – he finally reached the legal licensing process, “a whole other problem in itself.”

“The system isn't designed for success,” he asserts.

After facing an almost unmanageable tax structure and political meandering in California, Jorel decided to test his luck in an unexpected market, Oklahoma, where he set up an eco-friendly operation, which is mindful of the people, plants and animals that surround it. “The only hope of making money in the legal market in California is to go extremely large and have extremely deep pockets,” he explains.

A Fresh Start

Oklahoma proved to be a fresh start and more of a level playing field for the artist and grower. …

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