Decriminalizing psychedelics is one thing, but fully legalizing them is quite another, which is what a measure before New York's Senate Health Committee seeks to do.

By prefiling the bill, its sponsors Linda Rosenthal (D), Jo Anne Simon (D) and Karines Reyes (D) seek to gain more time to draft legislation and review bills prior to committee referral. 

As presented, the proposal seeks to amend current legislation towards legalizing the possession, use, cultivation, production, analysis, gifting and sharing of  “a natural plant or fungus-based hallucinogen” among adults 21 and older.

The bill refers to the legalization of DMT, ibogaine, mescaline, psilocybin and psilocin.

The new measure would authorize people to engage in psychedelic services – and allow the use of psychedelics in religious ceremonies.

Employers would not be allowed to take adverse action against workers for using psychedelics off-duty nor would people lose professional licenses, public assistance or be denied mental health or behavioral health services for using psychedelics. 

In order to advance these …

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