This article was originally published on Skunk Magazine and appears here with permission.

Millions of Americans live in a new age of cannabis where they can amble down to a brick-and-mortar retail weed shop and peruse aisles of packaged cannabis products. From flower to oil, and from vape cartridges to pre-rolled joints, in legal states, there is a cornucopia of ganja for imbibers of the fiber to enjoy.  

It is so easy to purchase weed in some states that one might wonder why anyone would want to go through all the trouble and expense to grow it at home. Au contraire says a new report from New Frontier Data (NFD). The company surveyed nearly 5,000 consumers of cannabis and 1,250 non-users, finding that home cultivation of weed is alive and growing.  

It is estimated that home cannabis gardeners will produce a staggering 11 million pounds of the sticky icky in 2022.  

According to the report, in Colorado, over 800,000 lbs. of weed was produced in 2020 via the legal adult-use market, generating over $2 billion in sales. Combine that with the cannabis produced by home gardeners, and you have enough weed to get multiple Lollapaloozas baked into the stratosphere with nugs left over for the parking lot. 

The report said that only one in three …

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