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If you consume cannabis regularly you’ve probably come across different flower qualities, from top-shelf weed, to okay weed to moldy weed. This happens because weed will degrade if it’s not stored correctly. This doesn’t mean that your usual weed source is not good but depending on how long and how it’s stored, it may not be worth the money. The post-harvest process (aka how flowers are packed and stored) plays a huge role in flower quality and will dictate the quality of the product that you get.

Just like with veggies where fresh produce is much tastier than frozen vegetables, cannabis should be stored in a specific way in order to keep it in good condition. If these conditions are not maintained, cannabis flowers will degrade and you don’t want to pay top money for old weed. On top of that, cannabis from unknown sources may contain heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that not only affect the flavor and aroma but also the high experience. Then how can you avoid this?

Well, As legalization evolves, more and more consumers are getting the chance to grow their own cannabis. It doesn’t matter if you want to grow for recreational or medical purposes, home growing does not only ensure you’re getting garden-fresh top-shelf weed without leaving your home but also allows you to learn as you go, perfecting your gardening skills and taking them to the next level.

Want to go for 100% organically-grown weed? Want to adventure into the world of hydroponics? It’s completely possible, even for beginners, and easier than you imagined. On top of that, there are over thousands of different strains available in the market, so you can grow THC and CBD strains, or a specific terpene profile (responsible for aromas and flavors) you might like instead of being restricted to what’s available at the moment.

Adding to these reasons, growing your own weed gives you full control of exactly what you’re smoking. Many coffee shops and dispensaries boast extensive menus but browse any seed bank and you’ll realise that they only offer a very thin slice of all of the types of weed that are available. Eventually, as you progress and diversify as a grower, you’ll discover strains that meet your preferences perfectly, from the way they taste and smell all the way to their subjective psychoactive effects. Plus, you can ensure that the weed you consume is of truly outstanding quality. Seeing as you’re in charge of the growing process, you can hold back on toxic chemicals often used in other grows, and instead opt to take an organic approach to grow the purest flowers possible. 


So how much money can you save by growing your own weed? 

To cut a long story short, instead of buying a gram of flower for $10 you can buy a cannabis seed instead and get over 100g per plant for the same amount! It’s true that you need to learn the basics to succeed, but growing cannabis it’s as simple as growing any plant: it needs sunlight, soil, and water. This means that if you grow plants or vegetables in your garden as a hobby, you already have everything you need to grow cannabis outdoors.

Obviously, not everyone has a big backyard or an outdoor garden at their disposal but nowadays technology gives you so many alternatives to choose from that make it possible to grow indoors and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist, it’s as simple as plug and play.  If you choose to grow indoors the basics are the same but you’ll always be one step ahead. Forget about an unexpected rainstorm or a week-long drought, since now you’re playing nature and are in control of every single aspect. You’ll be able to provide …

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